Monday, January 16, 2012

Lee and Emma play at Lee's party

Yesterday we celebrated Lee's 2nd birthday with a few members of Lee's human extended pack and her cousin Emma. I took a lot of pictures, here are just a few highlights!
Neither pup was thrilled with the mani and pedi part of the party!

The girls figure out how to play!
See we can calm down and be friends!


  1. I love them!
    They are both such vocal players. Some people think it's annoying, but I think it adds to the level of entertainment... for the dogs and me :)

  2. My dogs sound like they have rabies when they play. ;]

  3. I always get mad when I see people making their dogs be quiet when playing. I see it as another way they are communicating. Also I know Lee's noises and I know when they are saying "leave me the hell alone!"


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