Sunday, July 10, 2011

Perhaps a case for neglect

Gemini may have the first real case for neglect in an Ottawa  home.

Miss Cricket had been demonstrating a pickiness for her food in the past few days. For those of you who know her, this is not unusual. Cricket has always had days where she doesn't want to eat, so it is not so strange. However, after a couple days of her just wanting to eat her soft food, her people got a little suspicious. They knew she had a chipped tooth (the vet had looked at it about 2 months ago and said it wasn't a problem right now and when it was we would fix it), so they decided to check it out. What they found shocked them. Poor Miss Crick, has a gum infection around both her top canine teeth. They felt horrible and immediately called the vet (whose home number is on their speed dial, the blessing of having a good friend who is a vet). He agreed to go in to the clinic on Monday to see Miss Cricket. (He is confident she will be fine until them). Miss Cricket said she tried to tell her people her mouth hurt and they are neglectful.

However, her people would like to point out she did send some mixed messages, yes she didn't eat hard food or some cookies, but they were new cookies and she is very picky on her cookie consumption, she still nipped them when they came home, nipped LeeLee all the time and begged for pizza like there was no tomorrow. They would also like to say in their defence the minute they realized it (approximately 6 pm on a Saturday night), the contacted medical personal and have a the first available appointment.

The people are going to pick up dog teeth brushing items tomorrow and will start brushing LeeLee's teeth now (that will be an adventure) and Miss Cricket's after talking to the vet.

Miss Cricket said she is willing to settle her neglect case out of court if she gets lots of love.


  1. Awww poor Miss Cricket! I guess if you don't peer into their mouths on a regular basis, something like that is hard to catch.

    I read that it should be done daily (!) but admittedly we do it once every two weeks or so. :< So uhm.. thanks for the reminder... I'm going to go brush some teeth now.

  2. Apparently it is not so sore that she can't eat food from the pet store floor or eat her weight in hard cookies at the dog park. Perhaps it is selectively sore!


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