Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Dog Torture

A semi-stoned Gemi walking down the hall
Yesterday was another day of torturing the dogs. They have had a brief discussion on who was more tortured, Lee insists it was here and Gemi doesn’t feel well enough to argue.

It was Gemi’s teeth cleaning day. Our morning routine was more or less the same, minus the not feeding the dogs. They were both rather stressed about this and kept going to the kitchen to stand beside their bowls. Drew held Hailey, while I took Gemi out of the house to drive her to the clinic. It wasn’t as big an ordeal as it could have been.

Lee’s first day alone in the house in 10 months (alone meaning no Gemi). I am THRILLED to report, no damage! She did nothing bad. I can’t believe it.

After work Lee and I went and picked up Gemi. Lee hated being at the clinic at first, she was whining and barking and freaking out. However, she did calm down. We never left the waiting room so perhaps the place is a little less offensive now.

Gemi had a lot of gingivitis around her canine teeth, and a little tarter on the rest. They decided not to pull the chipped one. As of now the root looks good and it is not loose etc. She just needed a cleaning. In a few days we are to start the teeth brushing (at least 2-3 times a week, or as my note from my vet said “it is a waste of time). She also has to start eating a dental food (it can be used as treats her teeth aren’t that bad). But we must let her recover before we start all of this. I asked the vet if there was a reason Gemi had these problems and not the other dogs. (I think my quote was like Loki never had teeth problems and he had a lot of problems). They are on the same food, and the vet’s answer was “I can’t tell you.”  It appears, just like people, some dogs are more prone to teeth problems. I hope with our new and exciting dental routine it won’t be a problem anymore.

Lee was thrilled to see Gemi, but she was not thrilled to see us. I think she was still stoned. Seeing that stoned little dog was both funny and sad. When I got her home and lifted her out of the car, she collapsed on the grass. It took a lot of coaxing to get her to walk into the house. She spent the entire evening laying on the couch. I kept offering her food and she kept giving me the look of death.  They told me to feed her when she got home, but she wasn’t having any of that. Finally around 9 pm she ate a little and went out.

Gemi is still in bed. She does not want to get up. Hailey and the cats are waiting impatiently for breakfast. I am proud to say the late afternoon stress seemed to tire LeeLee out. She let me sleep in until 7!

Hmmmm, what sort of torture will tire her out tonight!
Her position for the evening. My poor girl!

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  1. Aw, poor Gemi! This makes me think I should brush everyone's teeth more often.

    Does Gemi like carrots? Our vet said that they're great for teeth, in addition to the elk antlers we've been giving them to chew.


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