Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 2: In the Lake

Well she did it, Hailey plunged right into the lake after the labs, and the look on her face was "What the F**k was that!"  She only plunged in once, the rest of the time she stayed on the shore playing in the waves. She seems to like that. At least my part water dog is not terrified of the water.

Gemi, not to be left out, even went ankle deep in the water (Princesses don't swim she told us).

The only casualty of yesterday was her collar, which was fraying, it really coming apart and her tag with her name broke. Both will be replaced when we get home. Overall it was a great day!

Hailey, centre, testing out the lake

The leap
Lee, right, plays in the waves
Gemi and Lee digging for dead things to eat

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