Thursday, July 28, 2011

It is all fun and games until . . . .

I have thought of many humours ways I could write this blog, but the truth is, there it is not funny, so I decided not to go that root.

Yesterday, I am not sure what happened although I was in the room, 2 of the 3 big dogs played too rough with Gemi and she is now in serious but stable condition at the local vet clinic. I don't know the technical name for the problem, but they shook her and she has shaken Gemi syndrome. The vet seemed to be leaning toward no permanent damage last night, but said we would know more this morning. So I need to wait until about 9 to know. The vet, who went to high school with my sister, had messaged her last night that when she went to check on Gemi before bed and said Gemi wagged her tail when she came in. That sounds promising, there were no wags when I dropped her off.

I was suppose to be going home today, but now I will have to see if Gemi is stable enough to travel with.

I am racked with guilt about things I could have done differently to prevent this. The dogs had been getting along smashingly but then it went all wrong.

All I asked for on this trip was that no one needed medical attention. Last year I was here the same week and I was swimming in the lake and I cut my foot open. I should have gone and got stitches but I refused. It was my right foot that was cut, so I couldn't drive myself home, my mom had to. This year it is Gemi. I think next year I won't come to the beach this week.

Will keep everyone posted on Gemi's condition.

A very sad me


  1. Oh my god Kristen I'm so sorry. This is not your fault, though. Sometimes dogs play rough but that's how they play. I always assumed that when it was too much for a dog, they would make a noise and the other dogs would stop. That's been the case with our three, so I've never stopped any playing because they seem to know best. It could happen to *anyone*.

    Take care and please do let us know how Gemi is doing when you get a chance.

  2. Thank you for your words Mel. We had a very quiet drive home. Gemi did indicate when she had to go to the bathroom and wouldn't have an accident in the car. She will stand for short periods of time. She doesn't want to eat (this is normal after travel). She perked up and wiggled when her Aunt C stopped by. Hopefully all these signs point to a recovery. Will update after our trip to the vet tomorrow.

    On the plus side lee has never been so calm!


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