Saturday, July 30, 2011


Miss Hailey Bug of Ottawa, is having some trouble adjusting to the temporary state of not having a pack. After nearly 5 days of having 2 labs to play with, as well as her constant companion Gemi, she seems lost. It is further complicated by the Man's absence in the house.

Since "the incident" as those of the house are calling it, she has been sort of avoiding her Lady (although she did sleep with her, she is not coming and demanding lover and attention). Lady was very angry with her after the incident (but since has been very loving and kind and tried to go about their lives as normally as possible). Lady realizes that she also was the one who took the other pack members away and the one who took her to get her nails cut yesterday (which didn't go very well. Perhaps given her agitated state as well as the fact that a dog in the store tried to attack her 2 times prior she shouldn't have done it, but she did get through it).

Lee is being super calm and quiet. She has not pulled any of her antics. She is being rather dull. When asked Lady said "She is finally the dog of my dreams, but I don't like the cost of getting her there. Hopefully when Gemi recovers and life gets back to normal she will become herself. Or at least a happier version of this calm dog."

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