Friday, July 29, 2011


Last night I decided for sleeping Gemi might be the most comfortable on her bed on the floor. Apparently this was too hard. She carried on. So I picked the bed up and put it on the bed. Apparently this was too soft. She carried on. So I lifted her out of the bed, kicked it on the floor and had her sleep just on the bed, apparently this was just right. We had a decent night's sleep, from 11 until Gemi had to go pee at 5:30.

After talking to the wonderfully kind vet at our clinic, Ottawa Vet Hospital, (my vet of course is on holidays), we decided to admit her for 24-48 hours. The main reason being the pain meds she can have at home aren't enough for her, and they can give her good drugs there. (He says like people, some dogs just respond better or worse to some meds and not to worry too much that she needs stronger drugs). He hopes once the pain is under control she will start eating and drinking on her own. She is very bruised and the air is still between the skin and muscles. This will last 10-14 days. As for the leg, still can't tell about the damage given the pain. However, he was hopeful that there was no lasting damage as she would retract it when he squeezed it. He said we really won't know until the pain is under control.  The good things are she does not have a temperature and her gums are not too pale.

In many ways I feel better that she is there. I know she will get the best medical care on the planet and I love that there is a vet on sight 24 hours a day.

This leaves Hailey and I crazy single ladies as the Man would be away with his brother. Hailey is very stressed, but has never been as well behaved as she has been in last 36 hours.

Gemi waiting for the estimate for her stay. (The irony is that the Lady doesn't even really look at it, she just hands over the card!)
Thank you all for your well wishes for Gemi, I am cautiously optimistic that she will be ok!

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