Thursday, July 14, 2011

In my dreams

I am dreaming that I am in the upstairs hall of my childhood home. In that hallway Loki has miraculously come back to life.  We can't believe that our cremated dog has risen from the dead. We are so happy to see him and he is playing with Gemi and Hailey (and now I have my 3 dogs). People are telling us we should go on TV and share our story with our "zombie" dog, but I don't want to. I just want to enjoy playing with him.  I just want to touch his soft fur (at the end of his life due to the drug combo, Lo had the softest coat on the planet!).  I am enjoying being with my 3 dogs when . . . .

back to reality. 5:11, the beast makes her way out from her cave and begins scratching at the door. I call her back to bed and she comes. She gets herself in the most awkward reverse c shape. Her head is by our bums and her bum is in my face. She wants belly rubs and she is farting. On top of this she won't stay still. She is constantly re-arranging herself, so I am constantly getting kicked in the face. Not to be left out of the dawn love fest, Gemi has made her way to the middle of the bed and is demanding love. So with one hand I am trying to rub Lee's belly, with the other Gemi's chest. After the 15th kick in the face I roll over, hoping this will settle everyone down. Nope, this signals get up time and now Lee is back at the door. When I call her, she comes to my side of the bed. She kisses my face and grabs my arm with her paws. There is no way she is going back to sleep. So at 5:25ish, I am up with the dogs. I don't have to be up for another 1.5 hours. The problem is now that I am up, I am awake. There will be no more sleeping. No more delightful dreams. Oh well, there is always tonight.

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  1. Why do dogs feel that 5am is an appropriate time to wake up? Randie is up at 5am every morning to go to the gym, so the dogs have gotten used to this. Unfortunately on the days when he wants to sleep in, the dogs don't care and they want their food. So I poke and poke and poke him when they're restless because it's not my fault they're on this darn schedule.

    Here's hoping you have nice dreams again tonight.


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