Saturday, October 8, 2011

Speechless - I can't believe you did that!

The background:

First, last evening the man and I went out to get the groceries and do other errands. One of the errands was pet food. While visiting Global Pet for the first time we decided to purchase Lee her first antler. She loved it and spent like 3 hours chewing it.

Lee and the antler

During the chew-fest, because my legs were (and still are) very achy from all the walking I had a hot bath. While bathing, I left the bedroom door open. The man was sitting downstairs in the living room watching TV. When I came out of the bath, Lee was sitting chewing peacefully. While I was putting my pjs on, she got up on the bed and dug it apart. I assume she did this to bury her new treat and thought nothing of it (she usually does this while I am getting ready for bed). When I was ready, she and I both left the bedroom and came downstairs. I closed the door.

Fast forward a few hours: We go upstairs to bed. The man pulls back the covers to remake the bed Lee dug apart. The bed is soaked. On closer examination it is clear that she peed on the bed and by covering it with the duvet, pee is everywhere. We stood their speechless. In the 13 months we have had Lee as part of our pack, she has only had a handful of accidents, most when we were not here. The fact that she peed on the bed while we were home, is so unexpected.

We changed the sheets, started the washer and went to bed slightly worried that something is wrong with her. We will watch her. Maybe like a kid with a new toy, she was just so excited about her antler she forgot to go to the bathroom.

At least she always gives me something to blog about!


  1. Oh my god! Ella did that twice to us. Since we bought our new bed, we also bought a mattress cover. What a must! I hope you have one of those.

    oh Lee.

  2. No we don't have a mattress cover . . . . that would be logical!

  3. Well we had to have our bed peed on twice before we learned our lesson. LOL.


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