Sunday, October 16, 2011

A full day of fun - maybe

Yesterday was a Lee centred day and may I say, we tired her out! If only everyday could be like this!

It started with us attending the Aware Festival at the Rideau Carleton Raceway. I am always looking for free things to take her to that will give her new experiences. While she was very happy to arrive, she did not love being inside with dogs and people. She was a little stressed. We were  there during the pet blessing time and I thought given my luck with dogs and Lee's personality, she might need all the help she can to get to double digits (this is my goal for her). She sat impatiently during the prayer service but HATED being blessed by a stranger. My husband and I decided after that maybe she does have some devil in her given her reaction to a man of the cloth (sorry if this offends anyone's religious beliefs, Lee is being raised in a household of agnostics with Judeo-Christian tendencies). 

From Lee: "I don't know why this strange many was trying to touch me, it was horrible. I was interested in the horses. If I could have run with them, this outing may have been fun."

Lee watching the horses at the Raceway. 

On the way home from her blessing, we stopped at PetSmart as our Greenie supply was getting low. While we were there, we decided to take a tour of the PetHotel. We have been dog owners for almost a decade and have never boarded our dog(s). We do realize this new one is a little crazy and our potential dog sitters read this blog . . . . she is a lot to ask working people to care for. This is something we have to consider. While we were on the tour, Lee had to stay with the staff. So we stressed her out again. We were impressed with the facility. If we think we have to board her, we will take her to daycare for a few days before to get her use to the place and staff. 

From Lee: "Why would my people leave me with strangers? I know they were looking at other dogs. Are they trying to replace me? I can sort of forgive them because they weren't putting costumes on me in the store and they bought me a new toy. I love my pumpkin ball. It squeaks!"

After this we stopped at the local dog park. Lee had a fantastic run with her new best friend Lily. Watching these two run was like watching twins. Lily is a blue healer, lab, and other mix. She had the colouring of a blue healer, but her body and head shape are just like Lee's. Apparently all the others from her litter were black like Lee. This is leading us to think maybe our girl is part blue healer. It has been suggested many times. Perhaps the mystery of our mutt has been solved! After about half an hour it started to rain so we left. In total we were out for almost 3 hours. Lee has pretty much slept since.

From Lee: "I loved running at the park. I loved Lily. She ran just like me. I need to nap now."


  1. I wish I could have gone to the AWARE festival! Glad you guys had fun (minus the blessing - which I don't blame Lee for either haha).

    Also, not sure if you've ever heard of Area K9, but they're a cage free dog boarding facility. If our pet sitters ever can't babysit Wookie or Halladay, we would definitely take them to Area K9:

    They're on FB (which I know you don't have) and upload photos from every weekend stay, which is awesome because then you get to see what your dog did while you were away.

  2. Re blessing: It is extra funny because I never been blessed or baptized.

    Re boarding: We are slowly starting to explore possible boarding locations. Will check out Area K9 for sure. This is a new world for us, and we don't even have a trip planned in the near future. (Must stop spending money on other things!)


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