Friday, October 14, 2011

Feline Friday - Please play with me

A little background. Bagheera is one of our cats. Baggy (aka Gheera, Baggy-Pants), has always been an independent fellow who like attention when he wanted it and liked who he liked. He spent approximately 8 years hating us for bring our first dog Loki into the house, and lived a self-imposed exile in the basement. I tried to point out that he started it with Loki, by attacking him when he was a pup, but Baggy won't listen. I do know that my darlin' Lo loved to chase the cats, and he and Gemi made a great hunting team who tormented both Baggy and Nin for 5 years. 

When Lo died, Baggy started to mellow (Gemi hunted less without her partner) and Lee has always been scared of Gheera. 

While Hailey is cautious around Gheera, she does try to make friends with him.
The other day, she brought him her ball.
Baggy then yelled at her and Lee was scared. She wanted her ball back if Baggy wasn't going to play with her, but was to afraid of him to get it. (After the picture I gave it back).

It is clear in our pack, Baggy is the alpha-animal! 
"Want to play?"
"No and bugger off!"


  1. Lol! I love that Lee tries to play with him. Very cute.

  2. It's so funny to me to picture a cat being the alpha, but it makes sense. I bet if we had a cat here Wookie would pee his furry pants. He pretends he's all tough when he sees them outside, but truly he's afraid of them.

  3. I think because Loki and Gemi did not respect Gheera's alpha, he hated them. Lee does, so he will tolerate her. She just wants to be his friend!


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