Friday, October 28, 2011

Feline Friday - Baggy and the vet

On Wednesday of this week, my much neglected Bagheera, went for a check up at the vet. He hasn't gone for too long. It is not that I have meant to neglect Baggy, but we haven't had problems with him, and my demanding dogs, have taken a priority.

I realized today how well I am known at Ottawa Vet Clinic.
Receptionist "I haven't seen you for a while. You have gotten your hair cut. Looks great."

Here is how our trip went:

Brought crate up from basement. Hailey went insane sniffing it.
Put crate on the coffee table. Put Baggy in. No problems with him.  Hailey went insane.
Threw cookies to distract Hailey so I could get Baggy out of the house.
Drove across the city in rush hour traffic listening to an audiobook that suddenly had a cat meowing chorus.
Got to the clinic too early as traffic not as bad as I thought. So I got to enjoy the craziness of an emergency clinic.
Baggy got weighed. He is just over 17lbs. In his youth he was close to 16lbs, so not too bad. He is a big boy.
Baggy waited well in the waiting room and enjoyed walking around the exam room.
Baggy growled the whole time Woody checked him, but unlike past visits didn't try to bite or hiss at him. We chatted about how Woody's kids are (I use to babysit them), and the fact that they are fostering 5, 3 1/2 week old kittens (had to resist the urge to want one of these new kittens - I think my cats would hate me).
Baggy appears in pretty good shape for a 16.5 year old cat. He has some arthritis in his back hips and legs. He is going to start on glucosamine. I think he gets the arthritis from my mom. (I have told her that, I think she was a little insulted).
Then Baggy went to get blood work. Sat in the waiting room listening to my screaming cat as they took his blood. (Apparently, when they changed the position and had him lay down he was fine. It is just like when I get blood taken, if I am not laying down I can't do it).
Baggy was done and I had to sort out picking up medicine for Lemew, Aunt C's cat.
The drive home I got to listen to Baggy loudly telling me how horrible a person I was for taking him out of his help for 20 minutes.
Hailey went a little insane when I brought Baggy in. Baggy was so relieved to be home, he let Lee sniff him a lot.
We survived the trip!


  1. Sounds like Baggy travels pretty well! I have a friend who had a cat and whenever she would put him in his carrier and take him out of the house, he would freak out and pee & poo everywhere in the crate. It was a nightmare to go to the vet.

  2. Aunt C's cat Lemew has that problem, poor guy!


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