Friday, October 7, 2011

New Feature - Feline Fridays

The cats in my life say that they have not been getting enough press. They appreciate that Hailey is far more demanding and perhaps interesting to some, but they want their time. So now on Friday's we will feature something about a cat!

This is Lemew - Aunt C's cat. Several weeks ago I had a picture of him asking for Chinese food.
Here he is trying to get my sandwich.

The bad begger strikes again.


  1. You left the chair out. Thus you made it extremely easy to target the sandwich. Also the sandwich had bread and meat on it. These are things Lemew loves. He didn't even have to beg this time, he just had to saunter over and help himself!!

    That's my boy;)

  2. You are right, I should have just called him the bad thief!!!


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