Monday, June 13, 2011

The weekend from 3 perspectives


From Lee:

Oh, I was so happy to be alive and to go in the car. I could tell we were not going the right way and I told me people, “This is not the way to the park,” they told me to be patient, we were going somewhere new. Finally we got there, and it was great. There were new places to sniff, water to bark at and I got to sniff and walk. The only thing that would have been better is if I was off leash.

From Gemi:

I was excited when we first went in the car. Maybe we were going to the park. Then we got somewhere else and it was a stupid walk. There were people but they did not appreciate me, they didn’t stop and pet me. We had to walk a lot and it was hot. Then the worst part is my lady carried me across a road. She said I was walking to slow and it was a busy road. Sigh! And I had to sit in the back seat of the car, so I didn’t get good A/C.

The Lady:

It was a beautiful sunny day, so we took the dogs for a walk by the river. They were good, but Gemi was very slow by the end.


After our walk the weekend went bad. First we drove and only Gemi got out of the car. I had to stay. I protested, loudly. This would be bad enough but then the physical abuse started. I don’t know why they insist on taking me for a nail clipping. I tired to get someone to save me but no. I did get a lot of cookies though. Then I got to go home and Gemi came home and then my people left me forever. I was so sad I had to sleep.


The day just didn’t get any better, they took me to the groomer. I got clipped and cleaned and I smell gross. I also have stupid bows (but I have been able to lose one of them). I don’t care how pretty I look, the groomer is not fun. I was glad when the people went out, they couldn’t abuse me anymore.

The Lady:

After our walk, we dropped Gemi at the groomer and took Lee for a nail cut. Lee put on a show. She was screaming so loud you could hear her outside. Everyone in the store gathered around the window to watch. It was embarrassing. After Gemi was done at the groomer, we went to spend time with Uncle Chris and drive him to the airport for his deployment.



I got to go to heaven today. The streets were paved with popcorn. It was great. Then I met this nice lady who gave me lots of treats. I didn’t care that she was dressing me up, she had great treats. It was so great. Why isn’t every street paved with popcorn?


Ok, I generally don’t like a walk, but my people took me to a great place, it was full of people and full of people who pet me and told me I was beautiful.  It was great. The lady who dressed me up, had great cookies and told me how beautiful I was so I tolerated her. It was a nice walk.

The Lady:

We took the dogs to Westfest to get their pictures taken on a red carpet. The photo shot was to benefit BARK dog rescue. The girls were very good. Lee was a bad puller the first 10 minutes or so and then settled.  There was popcorn spilt all over the street. We had never taken her to a large crowd like this and I thought she did great. Both were super for their pictures (which will be ready in a couple of weeks) so I am a proud mom. Both are now exhausted and sleeping.

It was a good weekend!

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  1. I so wanted to stop in for that! By the time we visited the Hopeful Hearts Dog Pond, Lara had enough and it was time to leave the business of Westboro for something a little more subdued.

    Hope you post the pictures :] Liz is an amazing photographer.


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