Sunday, June 26, 2011

There is no sleeping in here

Told by Lee

I do not know what is wrong with my people. Many mornings at least my lady gets up with me when the sun comes up. She seems to understand my need to check out the world on these days. I love her for it, even if she leaves me a lot during the day. However, there are some days that she and the man do not get up when I am ready. I don't want them up because I have to go to the bathroom or anything, I want them up because I have things to do, things to smell, squirrels to chase. I try and wake them up with a gentle scratch on the door. This is how I communicate I need to see the world. Usually if they are in bed, this doesn't work, I get told "Hailey come back to bed." Even though this isn't what I want I like the attention and am happy to crawl into bed for love.  But then after a few minutes I get bored. Since the door thing hasn't worked, I try the go to lady's side of the bed, lick her face, paw her hand. Again I get told "Hailey come back to bed."  I generally repeat this process until they are up.

This morning they were doing a great job at ignoring me, so I asked Gemi if she would help me. She agreed it was time to get up and do dog things, so she employed a method that really seemed to help, she got up right beside the lady's head and licked and licked her ears, while I went and scratched at the door. Finally my lady said "Enough already, I am getting up." (Note I have written this in a PG version, what the lady actually said included rude language I do not want to repeat.) I was excited it worked.

My lady may not think I pay attention to her and her work, but I think I could be a behaviour analyst too. I was able to change behaviour!

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