Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Now that the nice weather is here, the girls love to lay out in the sun. This would be fine if they would go out and lay there and be happy. Rather it looks something like this:
One dog scratches to go out, you get up put them out. You ask the other dog if she would like to go out, she gives you the look of death. So you sit down. No sooner have your butt checks hit the couch, inside dog asks to go outside. You put her out. About 10 -15 minutes later (depending on the temperature), one dog asks to come in. You ask the other one if she wants to come in and she looks at you like you are stupid. Again as soon as you sit down, she asks. Then they are both inside for 10-15 minutes and the whole thing starts all over again. 

 So now you are asking yourself why don't I just leave the door open (and sometimes I do), but if you leave the door open, the bugs come in, the indoor cats go out, and Hailey plays the take all my toys out game.   So I keep the door closed and consider all the standing and sitting part of my daily exercise!  

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