Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Storm

We had another summer thunderstorm, and Miss Hailey Bug was not thrilled. (That is two nights in a row!) She did not hide, she just sat on the couch. Getting her to go out was a huge challenge and I wish I had thought to make a video of how silly I looked. The thunder and lightning had stopped and I wanted her to go out before I went out. It was raining. In the end I had to carry her to the grass and block her access to the door to get her to pee. She wouldn't do all her business out there and she did have a poo accident later in the evening. Around 1 am she decided it was safe enough to venture out again and she has had no problems so far this morning. My dog is a wimp!
I don't like this!

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  1. Oh geez, that was Halladay and Wookie yesterday too. Trying to get them to do *something* before we went out, but neither of them were interested in venturing out into the rain.


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