Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Game

As told by LeeLee.

Here is the game.

As soon as your people open the door to let you out, you grab a toy and take off out the door with it.
Then your people yell things like "Bring baby back" and you run toward them like you are going to and then you take off again out the door. If you play the game right, they will chase you around the yard, but you are so fast they will never catch you.

Hitch with this game in this house. I live with a behaviour analyst, who started the game today and then stopped and went back inside. When I came to see why she wasn't chasing me or calling me, she was mumbling something about this behaviour being maintained by attention and she was going to decrease it by not providing attention, putting it on extinction. I think all of this means she is just not fun. I kept trying. I took 3 toys out, but she wouldn't chase me.

At least my man is more fun and he still plays!

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