Thursday, June 30, 2011


As told by Lee:

Yesterday started like a normal day. My lady took me for my morning walk (which was slow because she brought Gemi). She left me with my greenie when they went to work. My lady came home from work and took me to the park. I ran for 45 minutes, it was fun! When I got home my Aunt C was here, so I got to see her. Then I got an early dinner. I was so excited.

I was so excited that I missed that this was a sign that I was likely to be abandoned. Dustin came, and them my people left. They left me on a work day evening. I have them well trained so they don't usually do this sort of stupid thing. They got home late by my estimation. At least they didn't come in smelling like other animals.

Then to make it worse, they wanted to go to bed right away, there was no playing. They did let me go outside. So we went to bed. And I was mad about not getting the attention I deserve. So I spent the night plotting my revenge.

This morning at 5:30 (which I knew was too early by how they slept), I kept scratching at the bedroom door. My lady was forced to get up and let me out. She was worried I really had to go (which I didn't, I just wanted to be up). Then when she tried to get a little more sleep on the couch, I kept asking to go out. When she left the door open so I could just go in and out, and I realized she wasn't looking because I had taken a lot of babies outside, I started jumping on and off the couch, chasing the cats, doing lots of things that were loud. That will teach her for leaving me.

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