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Product Review - doTerra

Before Christmas, I was asked if I would be interesting in learning about essential oils and reviewing the doTerra trio pack ( ). As I have dappled in the world of "traditional" remedies I thought sure, one can always learn more!

One of the things I shared with my consultant Heather, was I was interested in another way to treat Hailey's anxiety. Of course, that was in the winter, when Hailey was calm. There was really no need to test them on her, so I did most of the testing on myself!

My trio package contained lavender, lemon and peppermint.

This is how I used them:

I live in my tub in the winter, but due to concerns about chemicals have given up bubble bath. I LOVED my lavender baths before bed! They were soooooooo relaxing and smelt so nice!

As my naturopath had recommended, and I wasn't doing, I added the lemon to hot water to drink. It aids in digestion. When I do this regularly, I have noticed a difference.

Peppermint is the one I used in the most medical way. I had a series of migraines over the winter and found that rubbing the peppermint on my forehead really did help. It took that edge off that drugs alone did not. I also found that rubbing it on my cramps was helpful. My only piece of advice is to make sure you really wash your hands after you have touched a spot with the peppermint. Peppermint in the eye burns!

My husband found using peppermint (when he didn't use too much) really helped with his sore muscles after a workout.

Since anxiety season has come again for Hailey, I tried the oils on her. First, she was not thrilled with having the drops put on her. Second, we did not notice a difference in her anxiety after the application. It could be she needs more exposure. It could be we didn't put enough. There are many reasons this may not have worked for her. However, I am happy to report that unlike when we tried medication for it, there were no undesired side effects.


I enjoyed trying my doTerra oils. I didn't have any allergic reactions or rashes or anything, something as a life long allergy sufferer I was concerned about. I found the peppermint to be helpful for pain. I found my consultant to be knowledgable and willing to put up with my millions of questions. It is definitely something I would still like to learn more about.

If you are interested in learning more go to

Heather also hosts webinars. To find out about them, visit her page You could win a free trial kit there too!  

Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample of this product for an honest review. 


  1. Did you know there are are dog anxiety room diffusers - you plug them in and they release calming essential oils specifically for dogs into the air - all natural and are very good. We had one for Denny when he was younger and it smelled wonderful - lavender - my favorite

  2. thanks for a super review... maybe the peppermint oil is good for my mommas smashed hellbow too?
    easy rider

  3. We loved reading this review.... so do you suppose there is an OIL that would keep Squirrels away?

  4. We better make sure Oreo pops over cuz his mom was using them!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Hari OM
    As a homoeopath and remedial therapist, I commend you on following the natural choice! Lavender, of course, is renowned for its sedative potency. Peppermint is a stimulant which is why it aids in migraines and for removal of lactic acid after exercise. It ought NOT to be used for dogs. Indeed, any essential oil used for animals ought to be diffused (as per Cowspots suggestion) or blended with and almond oil (1 drop to 10), a small amount of the blend rubbed between the hands and spread evenly over and into the fur at the shoulder area, where no licking can occur. General anxiety is aided by use of German Chamomile, but if you know specifics of the cause of Hailey's anxiety, then a more targeted prescription would be advisable; for example if it is the smells on the air of various animals roaming the territory stirring her up, resulting in distractive and destructive behaviour, then Vetiver would be a good contender... However, for animals, I found the use of Bach Flower Remedies to be excellent...THIS SITE may be of interest to you.

    At no time would a qualified practitioner** advocate ingestion of essential oils except under strictest supervision. A simple glass of freshly squeezed lemon every morning would serve you better overall.

    I am sure that you have read this. That's my ten cents worth.. (I was unable to locate an email addy for you or I would have addressed this privately. I am not at all saying that you ought not to be using this product, there is definitely much benefit from EOs - but you will find that many a qualified medico is concerned at the selling culture and misconception that liberal use of these goods is 'safe'.)

    I tried to switch off my pro-head.... but failed... That's "Wellness & Concerns" fur ya! YAM xx

    quote - AIA does not endorse internal therapeutic use (oral, vaginal or rectal) of essential oils unless recommended by a health care practitioner trained at an appropriate clinical level. An appropriate level of training must include chemistry, anatomy, diagnostics, physiology, formulation guidelines and safety issues regarding each specific internal route (oral, vaginal or rectal). Please refer to the AIA Safety Guidelines for essential oil use - unquote

  6. I like essential oils. I used to make my own, but have not had the time lately. I guess I should get my Peppermint out of the freezer and make some oil for farm market season! (I think its the best thing for those sore Muscles.

  7. Thanks for sharing your experiences w/ these natural substances. We have peppermint growing willy-nilly in our yard, I'd love to try some on my headaches! It would be so nice to use something natural vs. popping pain pills every time!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  8. I have migraines too and I'm always interested in trying all natural treatments for them, though I haven't done much of anything like that yet....I really should.

  9. Very interesting, thanks for sharing it with us.

    Aroo to you,

  10. Wow, very cool!!! I will have to look more into this!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!


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