Monday, February 19, 2018

Mischief Monday - Catching Up by Lee

I am so angry at her, I can't look

Dear Blogville,

I have missed you so. We have been away for far too long and I blame it all on the Lady. She is this weeks mischief maker. 

She tried to pull the work is very busy and I have to abandon you for ever go out of town on a work trip for a few days and something has to give excuse. At first, I thought she should be giving up her exercise, but the Phod reminded me that we want Lady to stay healthy so she can play with us and walk us. Then I thought she should give up sleep, but then I remembered how grumpy she is when she doesn't sleep. No one wants to see that.  Then I thought she should just give up work, but then Man explained how if Lady doesn't work, we can't buy extra treats. I thought his working should be enough, but he said they both need to work so we can have the life now and in the future that we want. He also said, Lady has a very important job helping people. I think she should focus more on helping me. 

In the end, I had to accept that she couldn't write wonderful stories about me, but at least she did let me visit my pals as much as possible. 

We survived our time without her. The Man did a good job at taking care of us. Even Emma adjusted ok. I was very excited when Lady returned  Thursday night, I couldn't stop jumping for joy. 

We are back now and Lady has promised to try and post more and visit you all as much as possible. She wants people to know that the Ontario Government has created a new Autism Program, which means she has a lot of new paperwork to sort out for this in the next few months as some of her clients transition to the new program. She also wants you all to know she is always with you in spirit and sometimes does sneaky things like read without commenting, and she knows you will all understand if she can't visit every day. 

I am willing to forgive Lady for now, but she is on probation. 

We have some adventures to share! 

your friend, Hailey Bug aka Lee


  1. I know how you can fix that problem... we only need days what have 87 hours... then there is enough time to play 80 hours with us and for the rest are still 7 whole hours ;O)))

  2. It's so hard when they have to travel.

  3. That's the big difference between dogs and cats: Dogs get upset when you leave, cats get upset when you come home...

  4. We missed ya'll!!! It's so hard to find good staff. We know that too well my friends. Glad to see you today <3 XOXO - Bacon

  5. Hari OM
    Hailey, it is such a shame that Lady has to be on 'hight-tone' for her work just now - for both your sakes, I hope that it moves along smoothly and that the transition is not too prolonged so that she can back to the impawtant stuff... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Hailey....girlfriend that is for sure a face of discontent! WOW Lady should be shaking in her booties. Tell her all is forgive.....BUT remind her that you have a memory like an elephant and you won't forget so she mind her p's and q's
    Hugs madi your bfff

  7. Not to worry. Mom says that we pups have to understand that there are priorities, whatever that means.

  8. Hailey, Gail thinks your Lady does a wonderful and valuable job helping all those folk with autism, and that you should support her all you can. I think you deserve more treats.
    Toodle pip!

  9. Woohoo, Hailey girl. Your mom must be very impawtent to a bunch of peeps. Think of it as having a celebrity in your house! Hope you are able to make up for lost time. Extra treats will go a long way I suspect.

  10. You do look a little mad in that picture Hailey. We can't wait to hear your stories and hope your momma will find the time to help you tell them to us.

  11. Probation...yeah! We think you should come FIRST all the time. Good of you to forgive her.

  12. Humans can never be counted on, Lee. But we're glad you're back. :)

  13. Hi Hailey!!! Sounds like your Lady is trying her best...sometimes we think humans should put a few more hours into their days so they can spend more time with us!!
    Rosy, Arty & Jakey

  14. Good to hear from you! We know that sometimes the humans get busy with other things and it is hard to get everything done that they (or we)want to.
    Hazel & Mabel

  15. We so understand how much you missed your Mom. We had the same experience here over the weekend. Dad is great, but Mom is extra special. No worries about visits, we get it. Life can be very busy and necessarily so. Just let us see your beautiful faces and we will be happy.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  16. Oh Hailey! We understand completely. It's tough squeezing everything in...our Mama finds it difficult to leave comments every time she visits everyone but she tries to keep up and is also there in spirit! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  17. Hailey, we can see how hard you are trying to be understanding. Hopefully Lady can be home more now and things get back to as normal as possible!

  18. I hear you loud & clear.
    I don’t like when huMom leaves or focus on anything other than me.

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia

  19. Ghostwriter says you're never done with a job until you finish the paperwork. (I thought she was talking about toilet paper. But she gave me the stink eye over that!) In anything medical, there's always more and more paperwork to do! Good luck Lady with all that! You're doing good work, even if your doggies feel a bit neglected.

  20. Oh, you knows that the Lady doesn't even have to ask! We loves her and you guys! and don't tells, butts when Ma was sick, she read without commenting too...I thinks all the peeps do it! ☺
    Nows...go gets some treaties!
    Ruby ♥


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