Saturday, March 9, 2013

I think maybe I am a cat person - by the Lady

First, I would like to say, I do love my dogs very much, but this week has made me appreciate the simplicity of my senior cats more.

It is not that the dogs have been really bad, it is just they have been exhausting.

To catch you all up on how things have been going:

Wednesday night:
10:37 pm - gun fire in the neighbourhood. Woke me up and freaked Miss Lee right out! She was terrified. I had to get out of bed and force her back. We were able to settle back down within 20 minutes.

Camp day for the girls. Hailey was not a happy camper. She was freakin' out all the way there, and while we were waiting to check in. I felt so bad. She did not have fun. She was very happy to be home at the end of the day.
We had mild success with Emma's house training and more importantly Phod didn't have any accidents while I was at work.
Didn't work on car training to give Phod a break to see if this would help. 
10:20pm was our gun fire time . . .took more time to get Lee to settle this time. Spent the night in a dog sandwich Lee asleep on one side of my legs, Phod and Emma asleep on other side. Phod actually slept with me much of the night. At one point, he and Emma were all curled up together, it was very cute and I wish I had a camera.
Look how cute we are, we are worth the work!
Work at home day.
Not a good day for house training. Have discovered Emma will pee a little outside and then come in and pee some more. However, we will celebrate she did ask to go out 3 times. This is an improvement.
Car training: Every few hours take the dogs out and try and get Phod in the car. Have been able to get him to put his front feet in the car.
In the afternoon, hear Phod coughing. Realize I have heard this hack a few times over the past few days. It originally started when he had a hoof. I had assumed he had a little piece stuck because that is what is sounds like. Think maybe this is more serious, so google "kennel cough" and hear the exact cough.
Swear - a lot - like a sailor. Know my vet is at work today (because a friend had texted and asked for his info and then said she had an appointment that evening), so I call him. Stars align and he is at his desk. Describe the situation (because I have a dog who is terrified of the car and is sick . . .) he says sounds like kennel cough, his guess a virus. I am picking up some drugs that may or may not help, but won't hurt tomorrow. I have been told as long as he is eating not to be too stressed about it. I have to watch the other dogs. We are to stay away from others, so that means we can't go to flyball tomorrow. Hopefully we can join the class week 2 or we are out , a lot of $. 
So camp, which was suppose to make my life easier, made it much harder.


We didn't hear gun fire last night, so that is good. But it could be because we had to have the humidifier running for Phod. Spend the night in a Lee/Emma sandwich, am woken at 5 am to Emma trying to get back on the bed. I had missed her getting off and it was too late she had done her business all over the floor. Decide to clean it up in the hour when I have to get up anyway! Get up, clean it up, clean up the spot coughed until he threw up a little [I must say I expect him to be coughing more with this, he doesn't cough too much but when he does it is crazy sounding. However, we may be at the "it might get worse yet" phase.]

Can't wait to see what else life brings today. I am leaving all 3 at home as I have to go and see a client. I have a few errands to run and I am bringing Aunt C out for a sleepover. It will be nice to have the support.

Is this week over yet?


  1. You do have your hands full! It will all be worth it. If you don't mind me asking - when you approach the car, are you tense? Phod will pick this up and think of the car as negative. I've done this before without even realizing it - especially around the horses. Good luck! We know you will get Phod in the car and loving it!


  2. Glad Aunt C is coming over to help out. Hope Phods' cough improves. Try and have a rest this weekend. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Oh goodness, what a zoo around there. We don't like the gunfire part and can totally understand why one would be very frightened by it.

    Poor Phod, we don't like to hear that he is sick. We hope the med's work for him so that he feels better real soon.

    Hope you make the best of your weekend.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  4. Sending my best wishes that you have a great weekend and Aunt C's support really helps out. You have had quite the week! Hope Phod gets well quick!

  5. Sounds SO familiar. I hope that the kennel cough isn't bad. Our dogs (three of them at the time) all managed to catch it without ever being in a kennel a few years ago. It was really rough because they had it bad... Those drugs might help. They helped ours.

    I think that the time/exhaustion factor increases exponentially when you have a dog being housetrained or a fearful dog. You have both! I had both recently because Shyla wasn't housetrained when she arrived. That part should get better soon.

    Hang in there!

  6. You need to relax . . . take a deep breath . . . this will pass . . .

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  7. Hey guys, your book is on it's way, and if Mom wants to get rid of you, climb in that box and ship yourselfs back to live we us. We ain't got no deer, but we have squirrls to chase and a HUUUUGGGH piece of property to run on!

    Your Pals
    Susie & bites

  8. Don't feel bad. I ADORE my dog but find him to be much more taxing than my cat. My personality is far more "cat like" than "dog like"

  9. Don't tell Shiner, but I think I may be a cat person too. Even though I don't have a cat right now... At work, I was always happy to assist with a cat annual appointment. Dog annual appointments were always so much more work though!

  10. Gun fire? SHE'd be freaking out. We go to the kennels a couple of time a year, so we always have the kennel cough vaccine. Maybe you can try Frankie's 'cheese for pees' idea.

    Our cousins are cats and our aunties are always talking about having to clean up vomit and stuff in their beds.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  11. Sounds like a tough week! There is a reason we have 4 cats and only 2 dogs; one dog is more work than all 4 cats. Hope everyone is better and you can get some rest this weekend. :)


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