Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Celebrating our Week

To celebrate the end of the long week alone our Lady is presenting us with awards.

How can something so cute and little be so much work!

Dog who was the least amount of work: Hailey (Lady wanted to faint when she realized this). Lee is never the least amount of work, but this week she was a dream dog.

Dog who made interrupted sleep the most: Emma

Dog we felt the sorriest for: Zaphod - it is not his fault that he gets so car sick or got kennel cough

Pet who is causing the most worry: Nin - he has not been eating very much the last few days.

Easiest overall pet: Baggy

Things we learned this week:

  • 3 dogs is way too many - 2 is the right amount
  • Lady never wants another puppy again (she had said that before but this really reminded her)
  • Our vet was right, even with the kennel cough vaccine you can still get it
  • Phod has a great memory to remember how much he hates the car
  • Sometimes things you think will make your life easier make it harder
  • The Lady can walk the 3 of us for about 25 minutes
  • A king sized bed is not big enough for one adult and 3 dogs
  • Lady gained a better appreciation for the single parent life with real or fur kids 

Thank you all for your comments and ideas, we haven't been letting our Lady answer them:)
Aunt K give me love, don't blog
PS. Phod is feeling much better. He isn't coughing and neither of the other 2 seem to have caught it. However, Emma had a touch of an upset stomach . . . always something.

When the Man got home last night, he scared Emma and she peed all over the bed. Lady really loved cleaning up pee when she wanted to be sleeping. Man came back with a cold and is cranky.

Lady does have to admit this was a better week then last time the Man and Uncle Chris went away. That time, Gemi died. No one died, so it is better.

Looking forward to a few quieter days!


  1. Muffin pee'd in the bed the other night too because our "stinky fish" relatives scare her so much.

    How cool is that ~ You're getting awards! May not be the kind of awards we'd like to get, but whoo-hoo an award is an award is an award.

    Poor Phod. We feel so bad for him. I suffer on rides too and when I have to be crated for our long rides I really freak out. If I can sit in the front seat with the window open a little bit, then I'm fine. We truly hope that Phod can overcome this.

    Lily Belle

  2. Well, I'll say one thing...you have a great attitude and a good sense of humor, so that should help out once you get some sleep. How cool for Hailey to get the "best of the week" pup award!

  3. You will have earned a real rest at the weekend. Not long to go now. Roll on happy quieter days. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Humor always gets us through the tough spots don't they. I think most "owned by dogs' people do have a sense of humor or we are taught to have one...maybe that is the lesson our furones are trying to teach us....
    We had pee in the bed on three different occasions..it is not fun!!!!
    stella rose's moma

  5. It's good that Lady can find humor in the days. And it seems that things are better. Make sure you give her extra hugs and all the other stuff disapears, at least that's how it works for me.

  6. As Goose said sometimes laughter is the best medicine....and smiling is a lot easier than frowning.
    Hopefully all are on the mend.
    Hugs madi

  7. Aw no pee all over the bed..LOL You guys sure have the most patientest Mom I have ever known..LOL


    Mollie and Alfie

  8. Hoping that Nin starts to eat more! Sending ((((hugs))))

  9. Perhaps I missed something, well, I am certain I have, because: who is Emma? A dog, but where does she come from, suddenly. Or, did I miss something? Etc. etc. etc.

  10. best to laugh alright. There isa good chance mom would have thrtown a few HBO words in there
    Benny & Lily

  11. It was a long week! But your mom survived. She can do anything.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  12. you guys!, we bet Mom is glad that ones gone. Poor Phod, sorry the car dosen't work for you, cause Me and Bites love it!

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

  13. Ohno! I hope Zaphod gets rid of his kennel cough soon!!! That is no goood! Do you know how he got it?

  14. Things should be getting better!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  15. We have been MIA from the blog feeds for the while, let me just say how much I missed your blog. We hope things continue to improve, and that the adventures follow more of a hilarious tempo than a stressful one! What a pack!


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