Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 1

Note: Our Lady is ok with you all laughing at her. She says she is laughing at herself.

After our morning adventures of Emma getting loose and running away, the Lady's day did get better.

It is 60 km (37 miles) to where the Lady was working today. We got to go in the car too because Lady was taking us to day camp! Lee was so excited she sang the whole way. Phod was not excited and threw up the whole way. Emma slept the whole way.

We finally get there (it took forever, it felt like 87 years) and as soon as the Lady put the car into park, Phod came bouncing over the seats to stand on her lap. Phod had been sick. Phod had stood in it. Phod put puke foot prints on Lady's coat and her pants. Then when he kept out the door he knocked the papers she needed to register us into camp on the ground and she had to chase them. [As our Lady is typing this, she thinks people are going to think we are making this up, but this is true]. Since the girls were secure in the car, the Lady took Phod in first.

The next adventure is checking him in. You see, the Lady didn't bring all his vaccine info and was missing one. So before they would take Phod they had to call the clinic to assure he had his shots. This caused confusion because he was under the rescues name and not his own . . . . Fortunately they did have them.  Against his will, Phod was dragged into the day camp.

Emma, helping write the blog
When the Lady had called to make our reservations in Pet Smart Doggie Day Camp, she did not realize she was calling the U.S. She couldn't figure out why the girl kept calling him Zedaphod until she checked him in. When she spelt his name she spelt it Canadian Z=zed not Z=zee, so when the person heard "Z=zed" they wrote Zed. We laughed at our American friends. So many people (even in Canada) have trouble with his name. Maybe HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy should be required school reading.

Next were the girls. Hailey was pleased to go to the back, Emma whined and carried on. A semi-guilty Lady then left and went to work where the first order of business was to try and remove the puke foot print.

Lady shouldn't feel too guilty because we had a good time.

"Hailey, what do you want Lady to write about camp?"
Emma's report says "She was a tiny bit shy going into the playroom at first but with some reassurance and cuddles she warmed up quickly and played with Daisy, Lidan and hung our with Oreo."

Hailey and Zedaphod (teeheehee)'s says "Zedaphod warmed up very quickly and was meeting new dogs in no time. Hailey preferred to stay quietly on the side lines but did get the chance to say hello."  Talking to the staff, apparently Phod's new BFF is Otis who he played with until he collapsed and Lee would only play with Phod. She can be shy in these situations even when she is happy to be there.

The ride home was quieter. Phod threw up some more. Lee got stressed when it was dark. Dinner was good and we had a fairly quiet evening, most likely because they are all very, very tired! The only catch to the evening was Emma wouldn't/won't go lay down alone. She has to be on or beside the Lady. This presented some challenges, but we hope to work through those.

Today will be different as Lady is working at home all day. We slept until 6:30 (yay!). When the Lady went to take us out, 7 deer were on the road in front of the house, so we went out back. 2/3 have pooped outside and one inside, even though Lady took her out alone for like 10 minutes and just stood there. We will keep working on it.


  1. Sorry we are crying with laughter. Yikes you could not make it up. Wow this is going to be a long week. Again you have the patience of a Saint. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I had to laugh at "Zedaphod." That's the way I am. I'm usually reluctant at first and then have the best time at the party. I did not know that about Z=Zed in Canada. The things you learn on blogs!

  3. That was funny!! Have a good day today!!

    Jazzi and Addi

  4. Oh you all do have the adventures. I love going to day care. All my best pals are there. The first week or so I did not think much of it, but now I LOVE LOVE it. But the best is when MOM works from home, as I am sure you all agree. Keep the adventures coming.

  5. gosh your mornings bring back memories for my mom when she was trying to get three little girls all under the age of 5 to the daycare so she could go to work....somedays were diamonds somedays were stones, as the song goes...
    stella rose

  6. Always an adventure, isn't it??

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    Online Doods

  7. BOL sounds like quite a day for you all! But glad you had fun at dog camp:)

  8. Oh my dog! I rather like the name Zedaphod. :) I'm imagining you rather don't like smelling like dog puke while at work. :( Maybe a container of baby wipes kept in the car?

  9. That sounds like quite an adventure lol.

  10. We're laughing, bet it was funny--to anyone watching. We say 'zed' here, too.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  11. Wow--Your Lady is such a patient Mommy to all of you. My Human would not care to have puke prints on her clothing. *I* and a GentleManCat and would nefur do such an uncouth thing. Kitties rule!

  12. We hate that day care ans stay clung to the wall
    Benny & Lily

  13. Awww you guys went to doggy day camp!!! Kirby loved it there. He made lots of friends, we'd go all the time, only ours is about 45 minutes away!!!! Im glad they all got in some good play time xoxox your pals Kirby and leah

  14. I go to doggy day care once a week,to play with all my buddies. Your poor Mommy, we are laughing but she said that was OK..Puke all over her..and now she has three fur balls off trouble to contend with..BOL xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie


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