Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kittens - in need of a good home

While Hailey is totally jealous and mad that not only do I smell like kittens, but I am writing a blog about kittens and not her, it has to be done.

This evening, our good friends (and vet) Woody (aka Dr. Wallar) and Jocelyn invited us over to see the kittens they have been fostering. 

The kittens were abandoned by their mother and have been being hand raised by Woody, Jocelyn and their kids, Matthew, Kathryn and Joseph, for the past month. I must say not only are they cute, they are so friendly. If I didn't think Hailey would eat one, I would have brought one home in my purse!

Here are some pictures of total cuteness!

Waking up from a nap

Kitten love
Look how small his paw is
Snuggle time

The only kind of creature I want to be bottle feeding!

3 of the 5 have homes, but 2 males are still looking for that perfect forever home. If anyone is interested please let me know or contact Dr. Wallar at the Ottawa Vet Hospital. 


  1. Kittens!@!#&#^#

    I love kittens. Just not cats. :/ And Randie is horribly allergic to our feline friends.

  2. I wanted to eat them up. I forgot how much fun kittens are (both my cats are over 16).

    I was horribly allergic to them too, but I have found that living with them has improved my allergies! (the first year sucked though!)


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