Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I hate my sweater - as told by Lee

Oh this morning I was so excited to be going on a walk with my lady. She was neglectful last week and didn't spend enough time with me (I know about the kittens, I could smell them all over her!), so I was extra thrilled. I was running around barking and then she pulled it out. The stupid sweater. She put it on me.  She told me I looked cute, but I know I looked ridiculous.

 I tried to show my distain by refusing to leave the house, but she made me. So I thought I would show her during our walk. I tried to walk extra fast to throw her off. I tried being very jumpy and actually almost got hit by a bike when I jumped in front of it. I don't know why a 17 year old was riding his bike down the sidewalk. I tried to be bad by finding a piece of toast under a bush and refusing to drop it and she had to pry it out of my mouth. I also tried being a bad walker. This is how I walked every time I was near grass:

But alas this behaviour didn't let me escape from the horrible sweater. She still made me wear it. I had to wear it until I was home. My lady told me I am lucky to have a Grammie who loves me enough to make me sweaters, but I don't feel lucky. I will tell Grammie on Thursday when I see her that this is mean.

I hope it is warmer tomorrow.


  1. Aw it's a gorgeous sweater! Lee, consider yourself lucky that your mom cares enough to want you to be warm :]

  2. I do not think being dressed up every makes me lucky! Lee


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