Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dog Walker Update

Lady: "Lee you have had over a month to get to know your dog walker, how are you enjoying your time with Stephanie?"

Lee: "Oh I love her! I am so excited to see her. I jump up and I want to kiss her. She is such a great person. She gives me so many treats! I don't love when she puts my harness on me though, but she gives me cookies for it, which you don't."

Lady: "How is learning to run going?"

Lee: "I don't love the running. I will tolerate jogging. When she makes me run it is hard to sniff and watch for evil squirrels."

Lady: "Running would be a good thing to learn to do. It would make you tired and sleep more during the day."

Lee: "I don't want to be tired and sleep through the day. If I do that, I will miss things. I don't want to miss things. I want to live my life. Lady, I love walking with you, but I love walking with Stephanie too. Thank you for getting her for me."

Lady: "You are welcome. Lee I love walking you too but it is nice to be able to put early morning appointments two times a week and not be rushed or have to get up at an insanely early hour."

Thanks Stephanie from Happy Homes Pet Care Solutions!


  1. I probably won't be working from home forever so when the time comes, I think we might get a dog walker for Wookie and Halladay during the day. It must be so nice for Lee to have that opportunity to get out and see the sights instead of being cooped up in indoors!

  2. I am very jealous - in my dreams I work from home all the time and not half time!

    I also think it is nice that Lee, who can be a little nervous around people, is going out with someone new.

    I also can't believe the difference it makes in my morning and how much more I appreciate my walks with her!


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