Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 2 - That little one just won't sleep

After a restless night, the dogs had a very busy day.

After a 4 km walk to the lighthouse, the dogs:

Ran in the front yard (aka the beach)

Took a dip in Lake Huron (yes they were swimming on Nov.25)

Played in the house (Max, facing camera is saying "throw the ball")

And played and played. This is a video of Lee and Tendra

The dogs also had a an almost 2 km walk in the evening. My little muffin was so over stimulated that she had less than an hour sleep all day. Everyone else was exhausted but the energizer bunny kept going and going and going, and finally after dinner crashed.  We had a much better sleep and are now ready to take on today!


  1. The labs swim until the ice comes and start again once it is gone! They swim almost every ice free day of the year!


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