Monday, May 9, 2011

A walk to remember

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon the girls, Aunt C and the Lady joined about 100 dogs for the Hopeful Hearts first annual Happy Tails fundraising walk. Hopeful Hearts is a local rescue that specializes in senior and pallative dogs. They raised over $7000. Here are some highlights for the 2.5 hour event:

Aunt C and the girls getting ready to walk

Gemi leading the way

Lee having a pre-walk run at a new park

Gemi making new friends

Lee enjoying Ottawa's green space

The Lady and the girls

Lee rolling in something gross

Gemi and her Gene Simom's tongue

Best part of the walk for the people, 2 very tired dogs!

"Being a dog is hard work!"


  1. Fourth picture - Wookie and I! Small world :]

  2. I saw on your blog, that you had been there. I guess the dogs met! Wookie was really the only dog our princess Gemi was interested in that day!


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