Friday, May 20, 2011

New Evidence

As reported yesterday, Cinder, aka Nin had been wanted by authorities for questioning regarding a new rash of body parts being found in an Ottawa home. Upon seeing his mug shot in the paper, Nin immediately contacted authorities. He said he had been collecting evidence for the police regarding these incidents. Nin said he had been collecting this because he was being tired blamed for everything. He also said he is tired of being the victim of unwanted sexual advances.

After receiving these seemingly incriminating pictures, the police brought Miss Hailey Bug and Miss Gemini Cricket in for further questioning. Their comments are below. The investigation to uncover the truth is ongoing.
Gemi: "This is an approved chiro technique. I am a student in the field, and Frog had consented."

Lee: "I am a licensed plastic surgeon.
Frog had contacted me for eye reduction surgery.
I was doing an assessment for this."

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