Saturday, May 21, 2011

Time Out

This is a picture of the aftermath of a vicious attack that took place in Ottawa.
On a rainy afternoon, Bagheera the cat (not pictured here) came up from the basement to get some love. He was sitting nicely beside the Man, purring away. This is when the Evil cat getting Gemi attacked. She grabbed ahold of Baggy and wouldn't let go. Baggy started to scream. The Man tried to pry Miss Crick off. In the end the man ended up being scratched by Baggy. Baggy was not physically injured in the attack.
 Once Baggy was free, Miss Crick was placed in time out. She sat there for the 5 minutes she was in it and didn't even try to escape. It doesn't show up in the picture, but her mouth was full of black cat hair.  Miss Hailey Bug would like to point out for once she was not involved in the badness in the house. While she was in the room, she was just an innocent by stander.

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