Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An embarrassing moment

On a beautiful sunny day on a long weekend  I used the excuse of a good cause to convince my husband that we needed to drive across the city to a dog park. Hopeful Hearts (a wonderful dog rescue that I did research when looking for Hailey, but in the end we found Lee at another wonderful rescue Catahoula rescue) was holding an event at Bruce Pit. I have always wanted to go there, and thought this was a great time to take the 30 minute drive.

The dogs did not love being in the car. They whined a bit, but they loved the Pit. We started with a walk. It was a very nice day and they were both so good running and playing.

After they had a good run, we stopped by the Phodographer’s for a picture. There is going to be an amazing picture of the 2 of them, I will post it when I get it. Then we thought we would get Lee’s nails cut.

This is when I was embarrassed. Lee screamed like someone was trying to set her on fire. People were staring. Gemi was trying to figure out what the heck her problem was. They could barely hold her down at times (and it was 2 vet techs doing this, not just people like me). In the end after much trial and error, they got all but 4 cut, which was better then I thought they might. My girl does not like girlie things! I guess I am going to have to use my behaviour analytic skills to desensitize her to these sorts of things. (I thought my dogs were my break from work and not another project!)
Lee running at the pit

2 hot and tired dogs after running

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