Friday, April 15, 2011

The price of freedom

Not unlike teenaged humans, it appears Miss Bug overindulged when she was exploring the neighbourhood.  As a result, immediately after my shower, Miss Bug proceeded to throw up on the carpet in my bedroom. I was unable to tell what she ate that upset her stomach, really it could be anything.  If only I thought she would learn not to eat things from this, but I know I am not that lucky!

The price of freedom!
Now that my heart has stopped pounding out of my chest I can fill you in on what happened.

After a first check of the neighbourhood I called Drew who rushed home from work. While waiting for him I did do a drive around, but realized I was much to upset to be doing this while driving. I came home to check to see if she was here. When he arrived home, he set off first on foot and then by car looking for her. I stayed home to email the Humane society lost and found and some other things I could do and monitor the phone and check for her.

Approximately 1 hour after she left, the neighbour next door came and said “your dog just got out.” She was standing at the corner of the street. My guess is that she was heading home. I called her and she came right to me and in she came (and I mauled her). She seems fine except perhaps the upset stomach. She is really not happy about being on her tie out in the backyard, but will have to live like that until hopefully tomorrow when I can borrow a friend’s van and go to Home Depot and get some things that hopefully will make it impossible for her to escape.

Thank you to everyone who helped/gave suggestions when she was missing. I hope it never happens again!

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