Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gemi’s new favourite place to sleep

Since the great peer on all the beds while I was away (see previous blogs by Aunt C), the dogs have not been as happy with their beds.

The one dog bed came clean and pee smell free, but I think is too fluffy for them. The cats use to sleep on it more, but now no one does. The foam one, I haven’t figured out how to get the pee out of the foam. I have been afraid to wash it. If anyone reading this knows if I can, please post a comment, I would like to have the bed back without having to buy a new one!

Without the beds, Gemi has created a new favourite place to sleep. I am not sure how this afghan keeps ending up on the floor, but I don’t mind!
Gemi loves her afghan on the floor.

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  1. Hi K Try Vinegar it should take the smell out.Don't use any sort of rug cleaner or cleaner cause that doesn't get out some of the smell that will make them use the spot again. Most pet stores sell some that are great for that. Been a few years can't remember any names of them. If I remember I will message you.


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