Tuesday, January 11, 2011

YAY Lee!

Our local dog park has the field for dogs to run and romp. Around the park there is this beautiful trail looking down into a ravine.  In the past when we have tried to let Miss Hailey Bug be free on the trail section she has been way to free and taken off. This is extra stressful in the morning before work. However, the past 2 days the dogs at the park have been doing the trail, so I thought we should do it too.  I am very proud to report that the last 2 days she has been amazing at coming back when called and has not taken off.

YAY! It is so exciting when all your hard work pays off!

Gemi would like it noted that she is smarter than the rest of us because she knows it is stupid to go for a walk in -12 and stays home! She only likes to go if it is about -5 or warmer.
Gemi running at the dog park January 2010 (last year!)

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