Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A fairytale

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess name Gemini. She lived in her kingdom with her best friend Loki and two cats she tolerated. It was a wonderful life until a witch took her Loki away and replaced him with a LeeLee.

Princess Gemini was very upset about this but being a wonderfully refined princess who had much training from the palace she bore her burden well and tolerated the LeeLee.

One day, when at the dog park a terrible thing happened. An evil, horny dog kept trying to hump Princess Gemini. She did not like this and tried to fight him off. But the evil dog was much bigger and would not listen. He just kept humping away!

Seeing her pack mate in distress, LeeLee thought to herself “I must save her” as she ran to distracted the evil dog. She repeatedly attacked evil humpy dog, drawing his attention from Princess Gemini. It took several attempts, but LeeLee was able to break the hold the evil humpy dog had on the beautiful princess. Free from his evil clutches, Princess Gemini was able to run to safety.

Later when safe, Princess Gemi rejoiced and apologized to LeeLee for hating her so much. The two became friends and they lived happily ever after (well, they lived happily for a few days at least. Time will tell if it is forever!).

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