Thursday, August 22, 2019

Pill Time

We have been having some discussions at work about getting dogs to take pills. It started because one of my coworker's Frenchies are in need of some short-term medication. He was tired of the wrestling and I gave him some pill pockets to try. They made pill time much more pleasant.

In our normal life, we don't use pill pockets. We had them for the kennel. We use the shove it down your throat before you eat method. The reason? Hailey can manage to eat the pocket part and spit out the pill.

I made these videos to show my coworker, and thought I would share. It is one of their tricks!

In the Hailey video, she is getting 3 pills, because we had to go out and a storm was coming so we added Xanax to her prozac.

This is Phod taking his allergy pill.

How are your dogs with pills?


  1. we use kiri cheese... the small cheese pieces are perfect to hide pills and with greedy pups like us we had no problem by now...

  2. When I do have to take pills, mom hides them in my kibble dinners underneath the yogurt and carrot curls and I scarf them right up. Most of my supplements are powders that she sprinkles on my foodables.

  3. I don't do so well with pills. Momma uses the shove down the throat method too. Casey and Jessie were super pill takers and licked them up with a bit of spray cheese!

  4. So long as Gail wraps my pills in a nice layer of grated cheese, I am happy to swallow them without making a fuss.
    Toodle pip!
    PS Gail and I are wondering what exactly a 'pill pocket' is?

  5. I'll take anything if it's wrapped in something yummy!

  6. We have "medicine time" every day, and have since having to fight, cry and risk injury giving Bilbo medication. So, we make it a game in which small pieces of pill pockets are handed out before dinner every all pups. Arty gets medication in his pieces...and the other two usually don't. But if the need meds, we can wrap the pill on the pill pocket piece and they are none the wiser ;-).

  7. Bravo Hailey!! You are the bestest pill receiver and your pill giver is quite talented at the task. I had to pill Toto the mighty Mini Dachshund many times. His long sniffer made it very easy too. I sat him on the top of the washing machine. Down the hatch the went and this was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy before any pill aids.
    Our first cat never needed a pill
    Diva Madi needed many starting in 2016. Not an easy task at all. Short sniffer, she was smarter than me, the 8lb diva turned into a 400 lioness. Finding the right food to mix the pill so she could not find them took months. Then we'd have to regroup about every few months.
    Thankful we found a compound pharmacy that mixed her kidney meds into a scentless tasteless powder we sprinkled on her food.
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Cheese! Soft cheese liberally wrapped around the nasty pill, tossed in the air and Dougie jumps for it, down in goes, faster than the NYminute ... a little cheese sans pill before or after helps a lot, too. He's a cheese whiz!

  9. Usually the pill is disguised with liverwurst or cheese, and all three dogs get the treat--just not the doctored one. The competition makes them all gulp them down and ask questions later.

  10. We always get our pills in peanut butter. Our mom has some special spoons that she dips into our personal jar of peanut butter and then sticks the pill into. When we take the pill it usually is just stuck to the roof of our mouth and we just swallow it down with all the tasty peanut butter.

  11. We too are lucky when it comes to pills because we are so happy to have something tasty that we don't even notice the hidden pill. But Mom has had to use your method in the past and she is pretty good at it:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  12. Wow! Mom wishes it had been that easy to give pills to Hazel. It is hard when they have no snout. Mabel takes one pill once a week and we just drop it on top of her dinner.
    Mabel & Hilda

  13. Elsa takes her phenobarb in a peanut butter & coconut flour ball I make up and have on hand. She loves them and never spits the nasty tasting phenobarb out. To help her liver process the anti-seizure medication, she gets 2 milk thistle tabs with her meals. I put that in either a glob of pumpkin or yogurt. 99% of the time she slurps them up quickly and easily. Once in a while I'll find the carcass at the bottom of her slow feeder bowl. The insides are gone but the gelatin capsule is gummed up. Cracks me up. Giving pills to dogs can be quite the activity. You do it well!


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