Monday, August 12, 2019

Mischief Monday - A Stinky Wildlife Encounter

Those of you who follow us on other social media platforms know at least some of this story. Last Thursday, it has to be a Thursday because no good ever came from one, the Man got home from work. It was pouring rain. He took the dogs out like usual. He was putting Lee on tie out when he smelt skunk, saw Phod spitting out a bad taste and after a  quick scan he saw a little skunk standing next to the house.

The Man brought Lee back to the house before she saw it, changed out of his work clothes and then put Phod in the garage.

He took what little peroxide we had and started to clean him.  He then called me and asked me to stop and get all the peroxide.

I stopped at the local drug store. 20 minutes later, after several failed attempts to communicate what I wanted as the clerk didn't speak English and while my receptive French can be ok, by expressive is terrible, having to get an manager to override the system because there was a limit of peroxide due to a sale, I came out with enough to bath him 4 or 5 times. 

All the peroxide - 4 little bottles are needed for one bath

I then gave Phod his a full bath (in a combination of the yard and garage) with the peroxide, baking soda, dish soap mixture.

Lady I smell

He was fairly tolerant, but clearly not happy. We took it in small steps, I would do some washing, he would do some rubbing. In the garage I put down a blanket Lee had destroyed. Outside he rolled in the grass.

He then had to spend more time alone in the garage. I did a 3rd wash of his head, which is where he got sprayed and then decided while there is the faint fume of skunk, he could come in the house. We tried to keep him out of our bedroom, but there were fireworks and Lee needed out . . . . . . so he was allowed in, but not on the bed (which he usually doesn't want to sleep on but because he was stressed he did).

He has been very distressed since. I don't think he likes the smell.  We gave him another head washing and then a bath on Friday, and he will get something similar on Saturday (we have the stuff lol!). We also have a new rule, Phod is always on leash, at least until the yard has been swept for wildlife.

Moth balls have been put under the deck to ensure little skunk doesn't make it her home.

We have owned dogs for about 19 years and this was our first skunk spray, so I would say we are doing ok. Let's hope it is the last!


  1. We give you permission NOT to visit our blog today, no need to share the skunky stinky.

    Seriously though: what a awful ordeal, poor Phod ... what pupster would want to go thru all those washings and with peroxide, ugh! And what humans (good Mom and good Dad) would want to have to do them ...

  2. oh that evil Pepe Le Pew... poor Phod we feel with ya... and we hope he never ever sprays his horrible perfume at you...

  3. Hari OM
    Deary me, Phodster... next time you see black and white stripes, head the other way!!! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  4. Poor Phod! We're glad that we've never had one of those stinky things in our fenced in yard but we have seen a few around our property. That sure doesn't look like much fun.

  5. I have heard of tomato juice baths and vanilla extract in water baths but not this one. having been in a car that hit a skunk, I am familiar with the smell, but luckily not on any of our dogs. poor sweet Phod, I would say hug him for me, but you might not want to..

  6. Oh my! Poor Phoddy. I haven't heard of peroxide baths for skunk spray. Momma says tomato juice gets rid of it.

  7. Oh no! There's nothing worse than skunk stink! Hope it goes away soon!

  8. Smell better soon Phoddy!!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  9. You poor boy, Phod. I hope you feel less stressed soon and I hope this never happens to you ever again or to Hailey either!

  10. Oh no Phod.....................dang stinky skunk how dare he spray you.
    He was on your turf....I had no idea peroxide was a good skunky scent remover. I will file that in my 'just in case file'. Sending savory rosy scented hugs your way.

  11. Oh poor Phod. But we are surprised he hasn't turned bottle blond after all that peroxide!

  12. Oh sorry. Hope that smell goes away soon.

  13. We hope that little skunk moves on. Old skunk smell is bad, but fresh is absolutely horrible.

  14. Poor Phod, Poor Lady, Poor Man. A skunk spraying is Mom' s worst nightmare. To date, we have escaped an attack, but with our double coated furs, it would be quite the challenge to get rid of that stink. Hope Phod calms down and Stinky Skunk goes away.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  15. Poor Phod! We hope he's smelling better now.

  16. Poor Phod - hope you are smelling fresh now and the little skunk stays away
    Mabel & Hilda


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