Tuesday, May 28, 2019

New Furniture

We have lived in our house for almost 7 years and for 7 years we have said we are going to get some patio furniture for the back deck, and we haven't until this year. Some of the reason for the delay in this is my weird cheapness (I have no problem spending money in some categories but find it hard in others). Patio furniture can be very, very expensive especially when you consider at best it is not going to be in storage for 5 months of the year. I found a deal I liked, with a piece I liked.

It arrived Friday so Friday night after dinner we unpacked it.

Phod did not like that we were doing new things and stayed at the edge of the garage. 

Hailey on the other hand was very helpful and in the garage the whole time. 

Finally a nice place to sit out back. 

Hailey likes it and is happy to sit out with us. The tie out needed on the deck will be explained on Friday's post (short story, she will run away).

Phod is not so sure about the new furniture! But he is enjoying sitting outside with us. 

Next purchases will be a storage container for the pillows so we don't have to use the dinning room table and maybe an umbrella. I hope to have these by 2025:)


  1. we love it!!! what a wonderful place for the whole furmily... and therefore they have the name fur-niture because we buy them for our dogs&cats LOL

  2. Your new patio furniture is beautiful and looks so comfy!

  3. Nice seat!
    And I have to say your speed of furniture purchases is positively supersonic compared to Gail's...
    Toodle pip!

  4. Hari om
    Given I don't buy furniture at all (unless you count the charity outlets), I think you are being very extravagant. Not that I would refuse a seat on it mind you!!! (D'ya hear me Phod???) YAM xx

  5. I am howling with laughter at the 2025 purchase of storage. I am cheap to the BONE on everything. on all things and we have been in our house for 30 years and I could never make myself by pool side furniture. we have a swing that is 30 years old and falling apart and needs to go to the curb. it was a gift from my son because he knew I wanted one and would never buy it.... I like your new sofa and we had a runner dog also.

  6. BOL BOL Phod you never ever know what might be lurking in strange boxes...best to keep your distance. I like how you are sitting on the ottoman. Lee I think Lady bought that beautiful furniture just 'cause it looks very nice with your furs.
    By 2025 Phod will probably be sitting completely on the ottoman
    Hugs HiC

  7. Whoa...really lovely. Once you have outside furniture you like, you tend to spend more time enjoying it even if the seasons are short. Like your snoopervising crew.

  8. LOL...I soooo get it! I don't mind spending money on travel, dogs, etc...but also cannot bring myself to spend money on good patio furniture! Yours looks soo comfy, enjoy!

  9. BOL! Love your future thinking. Phod will be up there luxuriating soon. You and Man may be fighting for places.

  10. That looks like a comfy place to sit. We bet Phod will be up there lounging away in no time.

  11. Yay for a new place for the family to all hang out and relax! Furniture looks nice and very comfy. Good place to watch the sun rise/set and maybe have dinner. Uh oh, Hailey...busted! Hard to run dragging a deck as an anchor.

  12. A sofa outside ok now I have seen everything.
    Save me a seat I'll bring some cold drinks
    and burgers.
    It's so beautiful enjoy.

    xo Astro and Mitzie

  13. I love the furniture! You all are going to love the time outdoors and just being together! --I'd love to hang out with you too! :-)

  14. It does look comfortable.
    Coffee is on


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