Thursday, February 21, 2019

Travel Thursday - Belize

Today is the third and final post on our most recent adventures, although as we are still deep into winter, pictures from the trip may still show up occasionally!

Belize was the one country we had not been too on this trip (and is the 30th country we have each visited). We had originally booked 2 different tours for the day, but because so many people really just wanted to sit on the beach at the private island we docked at, there weren't enough people. So we changed our plans to an Eco Tour at Monkey River. We were really thrilled with this change. 

Monkey River is a town of about 200 people. It only got electricity in 2010. The main source of income is tourism. I am sure the bathroom they took us to toward the end of the tour that was $1 a person is one of the biggest money makers in the town. Our guides were 3 local men, who while they had to pass 3 months of training as guides, were super knowledgeable. 

Here are some pictures from the tour. 

Me on the boat overlooking Belize

Monkey River was about 30 minutes by speed boat from the port

The Osprey - we saw him/her fish, it was so cool!

Can you find the bird?

A bird and a flower

If you look very closely at the top left of this picture, you see bright orange. That is one of the iguanas looking for a mate!

A turtle

One of the guides scouting the area - he caught so many things I would have missed

The American alligator

In flight

Part of the tour was a 30 minute trek into the jungle. Many of the people in our tour covered themselves from head to toe in bug spray. All the people who did this got bitten the most. One poor woman had an allergic reaction to her bites and they were all huge red spots. It looked painful. We didn't spray ourselves, and I think I got one bite!

In the jungle in Belize

Sorry it is blurry, but this guy was just on the path! 
The reason for the trek into the jungle was to see the howler monkeys. If you look closely you can see one. Our guides did everything they could, but those moneys would now howl for us! Regardless, it was really cool to see them.

Back on the boat . . . .

I so love the boat

While we didn't spend much time on the private island, we did walk around a bit.

The Man and Uncle Christ

Thought of Rosy, Arty and Jakey's mom when we saw this. It is not a real lighthouse, you can zip line out of it!


We hope you have enjoyed a little taste of the sun!


  1. what super adventure... are there really such big flowers in the trees? amazinG!

  2. Monkey River!!! what a wonderfully descriptive name. Wonder if they have as much fun as a barrel of monkeys there? K10 your photos are amazing! Loved seeing all the nature and birds and you sure did have lovely weather.

    This sentence describes me!! "One poor woman had an allergic reaction to her bites and they were all huge red spots. It looked painful." I have O+ blood. Over the years I have learned mosquitoes are attracted to folks with this blood type. We have proved it many times too. I get huge angry red spots too. If I'm out in a crowd, the bugs are swarming around me and no one else. I'm also allergic to Deet which is the only thing that will keep bugs away.

    Hugs HiC now I'm itching. LOL

  3. Belize is beautiful! Not sure about the gators though.

  4. Thanks for helping us feel warm on this winter day. It looks like you had a fun time on your trip. Our pawrents would love to see all those birds.

  5. A zip line lighthouse?! It's the best of all worlds!

  6. hari OM
    OOohhhhh - the first bird up in the tree (and with flower) I think might be Limpkin; then Great Blue Heron, roosting; the bird which then dived is Anhinga; after the turtle is the Green Heron; Oh my word... you just know I'd go to Belize now, just for birdspotting!!! what a great trip. YAM xx

  7. We THINK we saw all the animals. Didn't know iguanas would climb so high...looks like a great 'lookout' to see all available mates in the area, though. We think your little tour was so much more exciting than just sitting on a beach....even with the bug bites.

  8. Wow! Your peeps sure travel a lot! Such great pictures too! My Florida Associate, Miss Charlee's Jessy human works at a hospital in Boca Raton. Sometimes she sees the King Iguana sitting right in the center of the helicopter landing pad, and he's all orange. We never knew iguanas turned orange. We always thought they were all green!

  9. Wow that looks awesome!! I had to look real close at that second bird picture he had some good camouflage going on there.

    Bell Fur Zoo Mama

  10. What a pawsome island(...and lighthouse ;-). We have always wanted to go diving in Belize, it looks beautiful!!

  11. Oh, that looks like so much funs!!! And beautifuls! Ma had to bigify the pic of the hidden burdie to find it BOL!
    Ruby ♥

  12. Such great wildlife pics! I've heard Belize is wonderful even for those who don't dive. Thanks for sharing terrific photos of your trip. They are especially welcome today after our 10" of snow! LOL


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