Thursday, March 22, 2018

Out The Office Window

For Christmas I asked for a bird feeder. I got one and we have hung it under our deck, outside my office window (our house is a bungalow with a walk out basement and my office is in the basement). I haven't been able to capture awesome pictures from it (I never have my camera in my office) but have gotten a few on my phone. [Quality issues are due to my phone and the fact I really need to wash my window]. I wanted to share a little of the action that is distracting me (in a good way) from work.

A Red John (red squirrel

The deer we call Bucky as we think it is male (as he is always alone and the females are not alone at this time of year)

So many blue jays, I have seen as many as 12 at a time (Red John is also in this picture)

Some wild turkeys

We also get nuthatches (which I had to Google to figure out what they are), chickadees, woodpeckers, and some sort of sparrow. Somedays the ravens come by too. We see small creature footprints in the snow under it (probably mice, we have caught 4 in the house this month). It is a very happening place and I love the distraction!


  1. think you will get a visit from the mentalist soon... he finally found red john LOL

  2. We have three bird feeders in our back yard and are amazed at the "traffic" - this time of year in particular since most natural foods such as plants are not yet growing. Spring is late this year and I think our feeders are helping all manner of wildlife! I know you will enjoy having your feeder and I bet it won't be long before you add a second one.......

    Hugs, Pam

  3. Hari OM
    That is most wonderfurs!!! I agree with OSC... a second... a third... YAM xx

  4. Wonderful!!! We now have three bird feeder stations, having added a third one this month. Next week I'll be putting out the hummingbird feeder in anticipation of the annual migration arriving here. You are doing a great kindness to the birds and it's nice that you even share with Red John! Be careful now, you are on a slippery slope, next you'll want a bird bath (we have 2) so you can watch them bathe and drink! The wild birds are vastly interesting and entertaining.

  5. All of that fun activity happening outside would be a distraction for anyone trying to work☺

  6. Bird feeders are great fun. We love seeing all the different varieties of birds that come to snack and also all the critters that use it too.

  7. Hooray! We love to watch the birdies at our feeders. (But not the gray squirrels.) Ghostwriter sees deer and turkeys and other animals along the country roads when she drives to and from work. Once my Jessy human saw a flock of turkeys feeding in the grass on the side of a very busy highway. Suddenly one flew right across her windshield. Good thing it didn't actually hit it. What a disaster that would have been!

  8. Now that is absolutely the best place to have a feeder to fully enjoy all that your beautiful backyard has for you.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  9. It's like straight-up living at the zoo! So fun!

    Love and licks,

  10. We enjoy feeding the birds also.
    Coffee is on

  11. When we had our pond in the back we got all kinds of birds visiting. It was fun to watch them taking baths in the pond
    Hazel & Mabel

  12. How cool to be able t see all that beautiful wildlife right out of your window!

  13. Loved seeing the pictures.

  14. Gosh! Now I am homesick for Midway!
    Love Barb


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