Friday, January 11, 2013

Feline Friday - Nin Edition

Let a sleeping Nin lie!

If any of the pack is neglected as of late on this blog, it is Cinder, aka Nin. 

Here are his signature moves that drive us crazy:

Nin the Yodeler:
In the middle of the night, or if he thinks we should be up, or when he is hungry and believes we will never feed him again, Nin likes to stand in the acoustic centre of the house and sing and sing and sing. Our new house has 42 foot ceiling in places so it echoes as he is singing in his loudest voice. 

Nin the Rib Tenderizer:
It seems that every time he walks on you he manages to get a paw between every rib. He will then stand there with a paw between them. It is very uncomfortable and sometimes down right painful!

Nin in Stealth Mode:
One of his favourite things to do is sit on your lap. As much as we love him, sometimes we don't want him tenderizing our ribs or sit on us and will push him off. He then creeps up in slow motion and gets on your lap. You won't even realize it until he is there. When he wants to, he can be very quiet. 

Happy Friday!


  1. I soooo enjoy the world according to Nin. You've captured the quirks with such realistic description I can't help but laugh. What a dude! And a 42ft ceiling, is quite the cathedral for feline acoustics!

  2. Nin we are going to take some pointers from you, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  3. He sounds like a NIN-ja hehe...


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