Thursday, October 4, 2012

The comedy of errors - by Lee, Phod and Lady

Lee: Our lady doesn't love us, she is never home.

Phod: I am so lonely when she is gone.

Lady: Wednesday is suppose to be my work at home day but I had to attend a meeting this week, so I booked a full day out and will work at home Friday (aka 4 day weekend, thanks to Thanksgiving!). The Man is always out on Wednesday evenings, so I rushed home from my meeting 70 km away. Of course I was in such a rush I didn't stop at the Lady's room before I left so by the time I got to the driveway, I really, really had to go. I basically parked on the front lawn and tore into the house, throwing keys, and jumping over the garbage that was all over the front hall. 

Phod: I was so confused when my Lady came in the front door and not the garage, but I was happy to see her. I gave her kisses but then I went away because I figured she would scold me for destroying the garbage.

Lee: I thanked god she was home and she would take off my stupid thunder shirt or hug as she called it.

Lady: After my potty break, I went to take the dogs out and discovered in my haste, I had left the front door open and the two were doing zoomies around.


Phod: Man does Lee run fast.

Lady: I let them run and then called them for a walk, put them on leash and walked to get the mail.

Lee: Freedom killer.

Phod: So glad to be walking.

Lady: After I walk, I decided to put the house right. I then took a few minutes to clean up the mess, check for other messes (none, yay!) and move my car to the garage. I then thought before it got dark (because boy, does it get dark early), we would out front and play some ball. Since Lee was so good when free I had her on her tie out, without it being tied to anything. Lee was sniffing around and Phod and I were playing ball. I threw the ball toward the driveway and as Phod went after it, he hit it across the road and into the horse pasture. I have no idea how he got threw the fence but he did.

Lee: Mmmm, I am eating grass at this point.

Phod: I had to get the ball so I squeezed through the fence.  I was glad the horses were in another part of the pasture. I knew I needed to get back. I walked to a clear part in the 4 foot fence and jumped over it.

Lady: I was impressed with his jumping.

Lee: I am not feeling well, no one has noticed. I started to throw up. 

Lady: It looked like bile and grass. I wonder if it was from the garbage, the running free or what. 

Phod: I got mad that my Lady wasn't throwing my ball.

Lady: We went inside, I made them wait a little for dinner and then Lee had rice and Phod had his food. Lee has seemed fine after dinner as she had a great rumble with Phod while I was on the phone trying to find out about a dear friend's radiation treatment. My friend, an animal lover extreme, found it all rather funny.  I think mornings at the zoo are much easier to deal with then afternoon!

Anyone else have a crazy evening?


  1. Hawoooo wooo. What a great time, glad woo are feeling better Lee, sometimes I barf when I get really OK.


  2. Gosh they keep you on your toes. Nevermind tomorrow long weekend and well deserved. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Sounds like it was busy evening! Glad Lee was doing ok after throwing up!

  4. Quiet is not something we do here!


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