Monday, March 12, 2012

The Waiting Room

I took Bagheera to our vet clinic, Ottawa Vet Hospital on Saturday for some follow up blood work. His thoughts on the trip - he hated it. He complained all the way in the car, screamed in a way I have never heard when they took him out of his crate and put him back in his crate, but was good for the blood work.

I have spent a LOT of time in the waiting room of this clinic (which is a 24 hour emergency clinic) and have seen and heard some very interesting things over the years, but this weekend was one of my favourties.

It was unusual that I was the only person at the clinic on a Saturday morning, maybe because of March Break.  I am playing with my phone when two men come in carrying a closed rubbermaid container. I hear them say "Hi, we called about our dead cat."  This struck me as amusing, not that their cat was dead (by the way, she was over 19, so she had a good life), but the fact that they brought her in that sort of container. It made me wonder, how would I transport one of my cats if they died.

My favourite moment though was when the receptionist asked the guys if the cat had long or short hair and they said "Long hair, but we shaved it all off, so no hair" and they started laughing. I was trying to imagine what this poor dead cat in the rubbermaid container looked like!

I have seen a lot of people saying goodbye to their furry friend at the clinic, but I have never seen anyone not crying about it. I loved that this couple saw the humour in the situation and could celebrate the life of their very old cat. I also liked them because they told me my cat was handsome!

Happy Monday!


  1. im not sure i could find the humor in my pet passing, even if the cat was 19. any time i've lost a pet it's been horrible and even thinking about my dogs that have passed makes me a little sad. maybe thats just me, i get very sentimental over animals since i have such a deep love for them. :)

  2. Me neither. Perhaps the humour was not in the passing but rather in the fact that they had a recently shaved cat in a rubbermaid container.

    I had a friend who was devastated by the death of her dog. She was living in an apartment and could find humour in driving around the country with the dog in the trunk looking for the perfect place to bury her.

  3. One time we were there with Eleanor in the middle of the night after one of her many mis-adventures and someone brought their passed dog in a Christmas tree box. I had the same thought - what do you do with a dead pet in the city- growing up in the country we always just buried them in the backyard 'pet cemetery'.

    BTW - our Cat HATES the vet and always hisses non-stop. It's very embarrassing.


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