Monday, March 19, 2012

More about me

My Lady was reading another blog, (aside, my lady says she LOVES Mattie Dog and finds him inspiring so if you don't know him check him out), and she saw this and she said I had to do it to. 

Describe yourself in seven words: Excited, destructive, demanding, beautiful, anxious, brilliant, loveable.

What keeps you up at night? thunder, nightmares.

Who would you like to be?  An Olympic runner or a professional digger or maybe a dancer. It would have to be something very active.

What are you wearing right now? My collar. (Stop giving my lady ideas about putting stupid clothes on me).

What scares you? Thunder, being left alone, sometimes some other dogs.

The best and worst of blogging: The best is seeing that other dogs have it just like me (having to tolerate silly humans and being dressed up), worst part is my lady likes to dress me up sometimes and embarrass me in other ways. 

Last website you visited:

One thing you'd change about yourself: I would like to not get so upset when my people leave me. I would like to believe that they will come back to me.

Slankets or no? No! Stop trying to dress me up. I am fine in my own skin and fur thanks!

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