Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Story as told by Lee

My people are fairly good to me,  they have been kind enough to make sure I have some babies to play with. I love babies! However, they limit how, when and where I can play with the babies. First, if I finally get a good hole in a baby and am taking out the stuffing they take it away. 
Second, they don't really like me taking my babies into the backyard. When I do, they go and get them and bring them back in. If they are dirty they take them away for days. They take them to the cats territory, so they come back contaminated and then I have to rip them apart and get them dirty to make them mine again. 
And finally, and perhaps most insulting, they limit the number of babies I am allowed to have out at a time. The Lady bought this box to keep my extra babies in. For months I have been thinking about this and finally this week I had enough of being limited and figured out how to open my box and get my babies. Now I can take all my babies into the yard at the same time!

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