Monday, August 15, 2011

My house will never truly be clean

As I was cleaning the house yesterday I realized, my house is never going to be truly clean while I have pets. I pictured all those beautiful homes I have been in, the ones without pet prints and fur covering everything, the carpets that have never been peed on or received a hairball present, and for a moment I was envious.

But while I was trying to get all the pet hair off the floor (I have yet to find one product that gets 100% of it), and I was scrubbing the latest hairball spot, I asked myself "Would you really give up all the joy of having the 3 black beasts in your house, to have a perfectly clean house?" The answer was no I would not. So in spite the fact that it is an endless battle to keep the place acceptable (although it makes a great excuse when it is not), I wouldn't trade the pet fur and bodily fluids for anything. Let's just try and keep them all on the hardwood though, they are killer to get out of the carpet!
The foot print from a hug Lee gave me when she returned from digging in the yard


  1. Agreed x 1,000,0000.

    Sometimes I am envious of those living rooms in the IKEA catalogues, but at the end of the day, I have no complaints. :]

  2. And isn't it extra annoying when ads have a picture of a dog (or cat) in them and you are like? Where is the hair and paw prints?


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