Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life goes on

While there have been many very challenging moments in the past week, the world has gone on. I think I have said "Keep Calm and Carry On" and "Just breathe" thousands of times.  So far we are moving on.

I was reminded of how the world continues, even when we would like it to stop,  right after I returned from my final farewell with Gemi. 

Setting the stage: Because Miss Hailey Bug is a very busy little girl and a curious one, we have had to put a gate at the top of our basement stairs so she won't sneak down and eat the cat food. We have also had to keep the recycling there because she figures out how to get to it in the kitchen. The gate is set so that the cats can get under it, but big Lee cannot. For 10 months we have had the gate sitting in a certain way and Miss Bug has never gotten down with the gate.  

The reminder: When I was out for maybe 1.5 hours, Miss Bug figured out how to wiggle under the gate (the gate was not knocked down), eat all the cat food and tear items apart in the recycling bin. When I discovered this, I just sat on the stairs and laughed! Oh my Bug!

Some of the aftermath of Lee's recycling

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