Friday, June 11, 2021

Nature Friday - The Forest Fire

On May 31 Lady and Man became aware of the constant sound of planes flying very low. This is not a usual sound.We walked to get the mail (and see what was going on) and we saw the smoke across the field. There was a fire! 

The first picture is one Lady took - you can see the smoke.

This next one is borrowed from Facebook that shows our lake and the fire. If you look to the left of the smoke you can see a point. That is around where we live.

Lady and Man then walked us to beach to watch the water bombers in action. It was amazing to watch these two planes drop into the lake, scoop up water, fly so low you were sure they were going to take out the top of a tree, fly to the fire, drop the water and then circle back to the lake. This whole process took about 2 minutes and went on for about an hour.

Click here if video doesn't work.

In case the video doesn't work, here are a few pictures.

We did not like being on the neighbour's dock and we really, really didn't like the planes being so low. Man took us back to the house while Lady stayed. 

We are happy to report their efforts were successful and the fire was quickly put out. No homes were destroyed or people injured. It was a reminder to us that we are not immune from this type of danger. May was the driest May in 75 years. The fire was somewhere between 1-2 km away (.6-1.2 mile). It did occur to Lady as she stood watching and chatting with the neighbours (because everyone was out) that maybe she should be packing for evacuation and not FaceTiming people to show them and making videos! However, it all turned out ok in the end and while it was cool we hope it is a long time before we get to watch the water bombers again.

Thanks to Rosy for organizing this hop.


  1. we are glad that the fire was under control without damaging too much... we remember the great one in BC 2017... such things are da horror....

  2. Wow - the planes are amazing and we are so happy that the fire was put out quickly.

  3. OMDs Phod and Lee and Lady and Man...thank you for these most amazing photos. I have never NO never seen fire fighting planes like this. Bcat will surely enjoy this post. The NC Forest Rangers have funky looking helicopters that have ginormous buckets on them. The scoop of the water in the buckets. Never seen it done;however, several years ago there were several of these helicopters on display at the NC Fair. The buckets were detached and boy were they big.
    I really appreciate you two Pups being so brave.
    Hugs HiC

  4. That is a really cool video and I thought the plane was going to fly right out of the screen into my face and they sure are low and it takes a really talented pilot to dip down and not crash. I did wonder while watching the video if it was close enough that you should be home packing to leave haha. I'm glad everything went well and that the fire was put out and that you got all these lovely pictures for us to see and that Daddy took you home

  5. We're glad the fire was put out so quickly and nobody was effected. Thanks for sharing the cool video of the plane scooping up the water. It's a good thing nobody was out on a boat in the middle of the lake when they came swooping in.

  6. Very impressed with that method of putting out a fire. Of course, you need a lake and in California, I don't think they have that many lakes.

  7. Those planes sure did a good job putting that fire out, thankfully!

  8. We are so glad that nothing was damaged, and no one was hurt!! They are forecasting a bad year here in California for fires too...Paws crossed we all get some rain this month!!

  9. Fire are scary. One of my son is air plane inspector and lot of there planes go out on fires, and I worry about his safety.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  10. Yikes! That would be more than a little too close for comfort. Glad they managed to get it extinguished quickly. Last year was the worst on record for fires in Colorado and it's so hot and dry now I fear this will be another record breaker this year. And still Nero fiddles while Rome burns. 😟


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