Thursday, November 14, 2019

Project Hailey - Loving My Winter Girl

It was a rough summer for our girl. As most of you remember, at the end of June, she went through the wall again during a storm while we were at work. This led to us playing with her medication. It sort of felt like she was our Goldilocks - 20 mg of prozac was too little (she will still go through the wall), 40 mg was too much (she will do nothing but sleep),  but 30 mg (and the occasional Xanax) was just right!

She remained on 30 mg until the end of September. At this time, we decreased her dose to 20 mg.
We did this because we thought the kennel would have more success giving her 1 pill (she needs 2 to get 30 mg) and because we like to take her off it in the winter.

She remained on 20 mg until last week, when we reduced her to 10 mg.  (We are now currently looking at fading that out, and we can talk more about how that goes in a later post. She had a hard time with that last year!)

The world is now white

The difference in my girl with 10 mg compared to 20 mg, is very clear. On the lower dose she is far more food motivated. She begs more. She drools watching you eat more. She counter surfs more. She is in the dishwasher more. Basically, you would think we did not feed her. Interesting to note, we had to remove her slobowl when we increased her meds because she was eating so slow, she would get tired of eating and not finish her dinner. It was just too much effort. As of yet, we have not had to return the slobowl.

Other noticeable behaviour changes. She is far more cuddly (although the fact it is much colder, it was -25C/-13F this morning may also be a factor in this, but even before this week, she didn't just spend her evenings hiding). She is also more easily excited. She jumps more. She barks more. She has more life!

While I love my winter girl more, I know that being medicated through storm and firework season is what is best for her and our pack. She deserves to feel as relaxed as possible. It is not safe for her to be so anxious or to engage in such dangerous behaviours as going through the walls. We all deserve not to hear her bark endlessly out of fear. 

Having Lee be more Lee, is one of the only good things that comes out of winter!

Taken yesterday. We had a record breaking snowfall on Monday. It is now here to stay I fear. 


  1. more Lee is the best of the best... hugs to you all

  2. Hari OM
    Sending lots of love-wishes for success on reduced meds. Winter is definitely biting down early and hard, we have had freezing temps even through the day for several days now - there is snow on the tops, but none by the Hutch - yet... YAM xx

  3. Sorry, still stuck! Glad Lee can have more Lee time in winter. Sounds like you have worked her out.

  4. Winter girl sounds wonderful to us, Hailey. Your snow is so beautiful!

  5. Lee your Lady and Man are very devoted to your well being.
    I hope Man is feeling better w less pain.
    Hugs HiC

  6. What a good girl you are Lee...and how wonderful to have such a caring Lady and Man looking after you!

    Hope the snow doesn't get too deep!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  7. It's good to hear Lee is doing well. We got record breaking snow this week too. It sure has been fun playing in it.

  8. Yay for Lee!!!!!! I am glad that you found a way to make the thunderboomers less scary for her... but that she can be herself in the winter :)

  9. Welcome back, Miss Lee. We'll keep our paws crossed she continues to do well on the reduced dosage.

  10. Heeeeey Lee! I am glads you get to reduce the meds, and be more like me in the winter ☺! Plus, I do loves your snow videos! BOL!!
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